emma's creative statement

"Inspiration does exist, but it has to find you working." - Pablo Picasso
My favorite thing to do is play and experiment with color. I love the endless permutations that can embody passion, trend, art, joy and self-expression all at once. Like us, who we're near informs which aspects of our personalities come out.
I adore my work designing for many different categories and surfaces, and I especially enjoy collaborating -- with designers to realize something enhanced by an additional point of view — and with the many people whose strengths lie elsewhere, and who are looking for guidance in translating how they like to live into beautiful things that will reflect those deeply felt inclinations. I take a flexible, ego-free and intuitive approach to our custom design and colorations, shepherding projects from attentive start to satisfying finish.
To me, art and rugs are the perfect places to introduce color and design. Subtle or bold, design and color = passion. That passion is the clearest manifestation of an essential self, and while it can undoubtedly be shared, it starts with the individual.
So while we work with big design firms and small, on hospitality, commercial and residential projects, and have made rugs for athletes, celebrities and taste-makers around the world, all our clients and customers receive the same dedicated attention in their efforts to beautify their surroundings and their lives.
I keep a keen eye on our ever-multiplying design world, but always strive to design things that will endure. From creating design-forward palettes for clients and customers, to bolstering much-loved trends for greater longevity, I like helping people express themselves better and more fully, through color and design.”