– hand-knotted 100% Tibetan wool (samurai color way)
– hand-knotted 50% Tibetan wool and 50% Chinese silk (emerald color way)
– 100 knots per inch
– 5mm (all wool) or 5mm and 5.5mm pile (wool and silk)
– made to order

about this design

owls see only grey
we see a kaleidoscope
who is wise now? whooo?

Playful and bold, Hoot is a statement featuring a wool ground that provides a setting for a gem-like faceted geometry. In the Emerald color way, the gem eyes are in raised silk, creating a subtle watercolor effect. In Samurai the facets are in lightly carved Tibetan wool, crisply emphasizing shape and color with crisp.

This rug is part of the Metamorphosis collection, which blends simplicity with brilliant color to yield visually forceful rugs that also have an element of play and will ground any room. Each rug in this collection has a little Haiku poem, to express its essence and to emphasize the poetic nature of the designs.


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