Cheery Bay Area residence with Barry Johnson Design. Photos: Paul Dyer


Custom Dunes. Ally Michaels - Studio M. Fairfax, CA

We offer a broad range of designs and colors from our standard catalog, but many of our customers are looking for that one-of-a-kind statement that uniquely fits their home and lifestyle.

All of Emma’s existing designs can be modified to create a rug that meets specific color and size requirements. Colors can be matched, specific shapes and sizes can be woven, yarns can be changed and patterns re-scaled to perfectly balance a space.

Working with Emma Gardner herself, you can choose any color and any shade by matching something you share such as a piece of fabric, a paint chip or even a favorite painting or garment. All existing designs can be interpreted as runners, ovals, circles, squares, most any two dimensional shape. Cut-outs for registers and architectural elements or even pieces to install as wall-to-wall carpeting are all possible.

You can even start from scratch and create something entirely new. For these projects, the conversation starts with sharing motifs, colors and aesthetic goals with Emma.

In either case, modifying an existing design or having Emma create an original new design, we follow our tried and true development process and timeline:
    1. Creative Meeting
    2. Renderings
    3. Sampling
    4. Sign-off
    5. Commence Production
    6. Weaving
    7. Delivery of Finished Rug
From start to finish, a made-to-order rug can take 16-24 weeks though very large or creatively challenging projects may take longer. Naturally, this is time well spent for an heirloom to be enjoyed for a lifetime!

Custom Whole Baby Fish runner (Snedens Landing, NY) - D'Aquino Monaco, NY, NY


Original rug commissioned by Bombay Sapphire gin for global ad campaign.


Custom Peony. T-Domus Atlanta - Condo, Florida Panhandle